Being too busy to train is the moral equivalent of being too hungry to eat.
— Ben Horowitz

We believe that training is critical for teams and leaders - investing in people increases productivity, improves quality, and helps retain talent - but, today's training is too time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective. Our mission is to change that. 

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Make training smart and automatic.

Traena is smart - we apply data science to your training program to automate and personalize delivery. Quickly connect your content to Traena (or use our marketplace) and we do the rest - launch an automated, personalized training program in minutes.



Train with the experts. 

If you want your employees to be the best, you should have them learn from the best. Traena connects your team with top industry experts on-demand, at scale, and for a fraction of the cost of a typical keynote or consulting engagement. The marketplace provides access to the highest-quality training content, saving you the time and trouble of creating your own. 




Connect all your training in one place. 

Traena consolidates all of your company’s knowledge and training in one place, putting it at the fingertips of every employee, whenever and wherever they need it. Our smart feed makes it easy for you to discover new training, and our powerful search enables access to all of your team's training needs in seconds. 



Safe and secure training delivery.

Your privacy and security are our top priority, and we understand how valuable your trainings are. We use best-in-class technology and process to protect your company's information and your team's data.