Sales Win Case Study Template

Sales wins are the life blood of an organization. Sharing wins motivates employees, proves the company is delivering on its mission, and shows everyone how your company provides value to others.

But how many of your employees know how you won your top customers? How many employees know why you have failed in the past and are using lessons learned to improve performance in the future? Start sharing sales wins and give all employees a better understanding of the importance of their work. 

Start filling out this template below for wins and losses and you'll quickly eliminate duplicate mistakes and start identifying trends to build on wins:

  1. Client:
  2. Client type - Big enterprise? SMB? Start-up?:
  3. Identify the buyer - Who / what department made the buying decision?:
  4. Buying motivation - What problem did they need to solve?:
  5. Existing solution(s) - What are they doing today?:
  6. Relevant competitors - What other options were they considering? How did you stack up?:
  7. Objections - What objections did they have? How did you overcome them?:
  8. How you won (if won) - What key variable did the buyer make his decision on? How does your product make the buyers life better?:
  9. Why you lost (if lost) - What did you lose to? A competitor? Doing nothing? What key variable did the buyer make his decision on?:
  10. Lessons learned - Any other lessons learned? Any cool stories that would help a teammate win a similar deal?:

Any key points that we're missing? Let us know!