Customer Profile Template

Without customers, you don't have a company. But how many of your employees really know what they should about your customers?

Get your team up to speed and give all employees a better understanding of the importance of their work with some info one the companies that you serve:

  1. Customer:
  2. Customer type - Big enterprise? SMB? Start-up?:
  3. Industry - What industry are they in? What do they do?:
  4. Geography - Where are they located?:
  5. Mission - What is this customer trying to accomplish?:
  6. Problem - What problem does your customer solve? How does your product / service impact THEIR customers?:
  7. Buying rationale - What problem do you solve for your customer?:
  8. Size & Tenure - How long have they been a customer? How did you win them as a customer? How big of an account are they? How has that evolved over time?:
  9. Competitors - Who do they compete against? How do they stack up?:
  10. Department - Who do you interact with at the customer?:
  11. Risks - What could make this customer leave?:
  12. Opportunities - What opportunities are there to grow with this customer? Bridge into another department? Offer a new product?:
  13. Lessons learned - Any other lessons learned? Any cool stories that would help a teammate win a similar deal?:

Start giving your whole team insights and help everyone understand how your company goes to market and serves your customers and watch the new ideas that spurs!