Competitor Profile Template

Everyone has competitors. Instead of simply complaining or vilifying them, why not educate your team as to how you stack up? A realistic look gives your team a better chance at highlighting strengths and acknowledging weaknesses candidly that will go a long ways towards building trust with your customers, recruits, and other stakeholders. 

Use the template below to make sure everyone is equipped to accurately represent your company's place in the market:

  1. Competitor:
  2. Competitor type - Big enterprise? SMB? Start-up?:
  3. Geography - Where are they located?:
  4. Elevator Pitch - How is it different from your elevator pitch? What are the key differentiators?:
  5. Competitive differentiation - How are you better?:
  6. Customers - Do you know any of their customers? Where have they had success?:
  7. Positives - What do they do well? What can you learn from them?:
  8. Negatives - What don't they do well? Where are you better?:

Help your whole company understand how you stack up against your competitors so that they know the standard you have to beat to win!