Is Anyone Hearing What You Are Trying to Say?

So you’ve gotten started on sharing knowledge in a digital format. Maybe you’re writing blog posts, maybe even recorded some videos! That’s an awesome step. But is anybody listening? If you don’t have a feedback loop to track engagement, you’re missing out on the opportunity to turn your one-way communication into a conversation.

The problem with most publishing platforms, when it comes to internal communication within a team, is that they are designed for public audiences. They are not built to tell you who has viewed what, or facilitate private conversation. Nor should they! It would be creepy to see names of who has viewed what on YouTube.

But working with a team is a completely different environment. Nobody walks into a conference room blindfolded and just starts talking without knowing who they are broadcasting at. You start a conversation with the people you work with. Publishing articles or videos without a feedback loop misses the opportunity to help reinforce and expand on the ideas in your piece in subsequent conversations. Without a feedback loop, you are just throwing something out there and hoping that it helps somebody.

For example, if someone raises a question or does something incorrectly that you’ve documented in an article, you can see if they’ve read it. If they have not, you know the right starting point for them to learn. If they have, you can have a more advanced conversation on any questions they may have or on points they didn’t understand as opposed to starting from scratch.

Documenting and sharing your knowledge in a digital format is a great step to help everyone learn & grow more rapidly. But don’t waste the time you spend archiving your knowledge by missing the opportunity to advance the conversation by simply creating a feedback loop to track who is trying to learn what you are trying to share.