How to Easily Teach Your Team to Think Strategically - Annotated News Articles

Everyone has some form of news diet to stay up to speed on what's going on in the world. Whether it's print newspapers, email newsletters, Twitter, or elsewhere in the vast internet, we all have sources that we go to for updates, insight and analysis.

And if you are a leader of an organizaiton, you have developed a lens through which you read the news and can discern how trends and events will impact your company. You may informally discuss news with your team around the office but probably don't have a formal process in place to discuss industry updates, competitor product releases and merger announcements that may have significant impact on your company. 

For the most part, this is good. You could easily spend all day reading the news if you wanted to (which would be bad). But it is also a lost opportunity to teach junior employees how to think strategically and spot indsutry-shaping trends earlier.

One easy way to instill this strategic thinking is to 'annotate' a news article covering an important trend. For example, last year Uber developed an internal 'University' to teach leadership and strategy. This is a cool development for us at Traena because it shows that companies do have a strong need to better educate, develop and align their employees, which is what we do for a living. It also highlights the opportunity to provide these outsourced 'Universities' much less expensively than they typically are today, when companies need to hire personnel, develop curriculum, etc. Not everyone has the budget to work with a Harvard professor, or spend $1 BILLION a year on employee development like GE (as referenced in the article)!

By simply adding some light commentary to what otherwise may have been an overlooked news release, we were able to quickly reitereate our mission and value prop to our team. Start sharing 'annotated news articles' today to more regularly workout your team members' strategic thinking muscles.

Check out our example annotated news article on the Uber release here: