How to Easily Create a World-Class Training Program

Creating a training program is hard. The veterans know so much. The newbies know so little. How do you close that knowledge gap when the top performers and executives that would be most helpful to the new hires have no time to set aside for training?

Solution: Build your company’s knowledge capital in bits and pieces over time by capturing knowledge from the source in the flow of daily work. Then, simply immerse new hires in your company’s knowledge capital for a rapid and comprehensive onboarding experience.

The way most companies approach creating a training program is completely backwards. Someone decides that a program is needed. Then, someone else is tasked with creating the program. This can then involve months of tracking down and confirming the right information and trying package it appropriately. This is very painful and difficult.

Instead, capture and archive your company’s knowledge as it is created. Log customer wins and success stories. Record best practices and examples of star employees delivering the firm. Capture strategic insights and perspective on the company’s mission and values.

When a new hire joins, simply open the door into this archive of your company’s knowledge capital. No more dry PowerPoints that are delivered out of context. No more guessing as to how the top-performing veterans would approach a problem. To create a world-class training program, create an engaging universe of the highest value knowledge within your organization and let your people explore.