How to Create a Mentorship Program That Actually Works

Mentor matches with people too busy to meet. Pre-scheduled coffee dates jammed in between meetings with distracted participants. Mandatory calls that barely serve as an introduction.

All companies want to facilitate mentorship to invest in the development of their junior employees and accelerate their growth. However, most attempts at creating mentorship programs end up being superficial, unsustainable and provide little value to either side. Creating an effective mentorship program is just too hard.

This is a huge loss because both sides have so much to gain if done correctly. Executives love 'paying it forward' and benefit the most from effective junior employees that are on the same page. Mentees rapidly accelerate their development when they can put their work in the context of the bigger picture, which is impossible to do without guidance from leaders that have the view from the top. 

The problem with mentorship historically is simple - good mentorship has only happened in person or with live conversation and good mentors are too busy to access live on a regular basis. 

We now have the tools to solve this. There are many different mediums for a mentor to record their knowledge on their own time, all which add incredible value to junior employees. Even better, it is now possible to multiply the value delivered by distributing mentorship at scale.

As executives get more and more comfortable logging lessons learned in a digital format, it will continue to get easier to establish an ongoing mentorship program that actually helps people. at scale

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