How to Create Engaging Training Materials

As a learning & development software platform, we've learned a lot over the past year about how people transmit knowledge in a digital format. One of the big trends we're excited about is that it's easier and cheaper than ever to create engaging digital content. 

We recently partnered with a law firm and launched an Anti-Harassment Training Course and wanted to share how we made the videos since it was a learning experience for us on how easy (and inexpensive) it was.

For the course, we created two 5-minute videos to cover the core topics. We then made 10 engaging, interactive scenarios. We knew the scenarios would be easy, but were considering a couple options for the videos.  We've made a lot of videos ourselves, had design firms make marketing videos, done voiceovers over slides, and a number of other combinations as we've played around with the most effective way to transmit knowledge in a digital format.

One of the most effective formats that we found is to outsource production for animated videos. Remember the UPS whiteboard commercials on national TV back in the mid-2000's? Those used to be very expensive to make. Now, you can get similar quality videos made for a few $100's. To do so, all you need to do is whip up a script, send out, and wait to receive high quality animated videos.  

For our Anti-Harassment Training Course, we pulled together the below scripts and the video artist was able to take it from there. We had both videos created for well under $1,000 (for both, under $500 each).

Key points:

  • - great online marketplace of freelancers able to create high quality videos with minimal direction. 3 - 5 minute videos will typically run $300 - $500, with some running higher depending on requested features.
  • Length - When scripting, a good rule of thumb is 120 - 150 words per minute when spoken. 3 - 5 minutes is a good length for short-form videos, and you will realize how quickly it goes!

With that, if you can script out a lesson, even in an email, and have a small budget, you can pull together a high quality training course. We have found this is often much easier than shooting a video in person, and not much more expensive. And depending on your budget, there are higher end versions available as well. But for small and mid-sized businesses, this can be a great place to start.

Below are our scripts and the final product for reference.

 Script for video 1:

Final video 1:

Script for video 2: 

 Final video 2: