Book Refreshers - Easily Create a Summary for Yourself and Others

Books are great. You can learn just about anything from a book - history, new skills, how others in similar positions have achieved success, how to avoid failure. You name it.

But how long after you've read a book until you forget most of the key points? I can usually remember the major arcs of a book, but often forget key details or anecdotes that provide a lot of the value of the book. For business books in particular, this means I often quickly lose a lot of the value from a book that would help me improve my performance at work.

This is also frustrating when I want to share the key points of a book with someone. Hopefully I 1) see that person, 2) remember to talk about the book, and 3) remember the key points correctly. Lot has to happen for that to happen, so most often, it doesn't.

Fortunately, e-readers start to give us the tools we need to easily solve this problem. Now, in Kindle and Apple Books, you can highlight text in the book and, importantly, export your highlights to yourself in an email. 

This still doesn't give a great format to go back and revisit or send to others though. So, we created a PowerPoint template to just drop your highlights into, within the structure of the outline of the book by chapter.

This will then give you (and others) an easy format to revisit and 'refresh' yourself on the key points of the book. This does two things:

  1. Significantly increases the value of the time you spent reading the book in the first place by letting you top up your recall of the book in minutes at any time.
  2. Allows you to easily share a large portion of the value of the book with those that haven't read it. 

Below is an example of a 'book refresher' that I made for Sprint by Jake Knapp. Sprint is a great book in which Jake documents the 'sprint' process of rapidly prototyping a new idea and testing it on real-world users to get valuable feedback, all within 5 days. 


And here's a second 'book refresher' for 'How to Win Friends & Influence People' by Dale Carnegie:


Start creating and sharing 'book refreshers' to significantly increase the value that you and others get out books.