10 Topics Missing From Your Training Program

Creating a training program is hard. How do you condense decades of collective institutional knowledge into a consumable format that gets new hires up to speed quickly? Daunting. So, most training programs start (and end) with the basic skills and information needed to just get started on learning how to do a new job.

But what’s usually missing? The good stuff that gets employees excited, motivated, and engaged in their jobs. Yes, it’s important to teach the nuts and bolts of the day-to-day requirements of a job, but training is also an opportunity to inspire passion and engrain company culture and values.

Here are the top 10 topics that are most likely missing from your training program:

  1. Founding vision – Why did the founders start the company? What did the world look like before your company existed? How have things improved? What is the current 10-year plan?
  2. Company history – How has your company gotten to where it is today? What have been the major wins? When were things not going well? Maybe on the brink of collapse?! How did you get through?
  3. Customer case studies – Who are some specific customers whose lives your company has made significantly better? Be proud and show off!
  4. Problem statement – What problem does your company solve? Who does your company help?
  5. Market overview – How big is your company’s market? Is it highly competitive and fragmented or dominated by a few large players? How has that changed over time? What are the major changes going on currently?
  6. Competitor breakdowns – Who are your top competitors? How do you stack up against them? Are you younger and more nimble? Older and more experienced? What are some examples where you have beaten them? Where they have beaten you? What is your market share? How has that changed over time?
  7. Meet the team – How did everyone on the team get to where they are today? What have they learned from other jobs or from experience within the company? What motivates them to help your company succeed? What are their interests?
  8. Interview training – What does your company look for in new hires? How do you screen for that? What are examples of great interviews? And of not so great interviews?
  9. Company overview – How does your company go-to-market? What’s the marketing strategy? The sales strategy? How does your company create your product or service?
  10. Financial / operational goals and financing overview – What are the main financial and operational goals for the company? How does your company measure success at the Board of Directors level? How is your company funded? How does that impact the goals of the company? A VC-backed start-up will have very different looking goals than a large public company.

Arming your new (and existing) hires with this information will give them better stories to tell customers and suppliers, engender more loyalty, and more firmly establish alignment with the company vision and goals.