Traena was founded with a simple mission - deliver the knowledge that every professional needs to get where they want to go. 

Sounds simple enough, and people like sharing knowledge to help others, so why do so many professionals struggle due to lack of the right knowledge and skills? Because it is too hard to create and deliver an effective, ongoing training & development program.

Today, good training and knowledge sharing can only be done in person. This is very time consuming and expensive. Even for the most altruistic, this makes helping others difficult. Additionally, one-time presentations do not match how our brains work. We need to hear things multiple times to truly comprehend. 

New employees often don't get any exposure to the senior executives that they would most benefit learning from. Training programs lack critical information and tools that are necessary for success. Learning from outside professionals can be expensive and difficult to coordinate.

Even though senior executives benefit the most from effective junior employees, they don't have an easy, fast and cost-effective way to invest in the growth of their people. Both sides are losing.

We set out to change that.


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