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Your team needs to know a LOT these days - core values, the sales message, company history, basic skills, competitive differences, customer feedback or the latest product features. But delivering all of that information effectively is really difficult, time-consuming and expensive - so we’re here to help.

Traena is designed to give high-performing teams an advantage by enabling daily, intelligent,  and user-friendly mobile learning experiences.


Engaged Learning

Increase engagement and ROI with an easy-to-use mobile app, AI-driven personalization, and daily delivery.

Smart Automation

Streamline the costs of training by automating delivery, scaling impact, and enabling on-demand access.


Expert Quality

Improve training quality by easily connecting your team to expertise inside and outside of your company. 


The future of learning.

Traena brings professional learning into the 21st century. We use modern technology, analytics-driven personalization, and intuitive user experience to make sure our users can and want to learn whenever and wherever.


“Traena delivers a modern professional learning experience that fits our chaotic, on-the-go, and social lifestyles.”
— The Huffington Post

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